What the meaning of life is…

Of course, you’ve probably heard of some ‘what is the meaning of life’ jokes. Well, I can sum up most of what people believe in in two words: UPS Ground If you haven’t gotten super annoyed at UPS for not having more intense tracking services, you probably aren’t like me (where you are constantly staring […]

How I built my own tablet.

Hey, everyone– sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I just built my own tablet! I used the Official 7″ Touchscreen ($20 cheaper on MCM than Adafruit. Talk about comparison shopping!), and an Adafruit Powerboost (An amazingly easy way to charge, power, and manage lithium- (and even non-lithium) based batteries), among other things. Here’s the tutorial […]

Two great photoshop tutorials.

I just found these two great photoshop tutorials. They’re great. Just try out both of them, they’re really not that hard if you pay attention. Create a killer metal text effect in Photoshop: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photoshop-text/text-effects/metal-text/ Create an awesome-looking button in just a few steps: Tutorial: How to create a pixel perfect button in Adobe Photoshop