Another great article I found

Hello! I found another great article in my Raspberry Pi Newsletter (there’s so much great stuff in there– you should sign up, but if you don’t want to, you can read archived versions here), but here it is:

Machine Learning: Our Next Cyber Threat?

Hello! I just wrote an article on Machine Learning and Cybersecurity! This article is also available on Medium. Recommends are appreciated! The Wannacry virus shut down thousands of computers, including part of the British Healthcare system. Imagine what could happen if hackers used machine learning, too.   Recently, there’s been a lot of cyber attacks. […]

What the meaning of life is…

Of course, you’ve probably heard of some ‘what is the meaning of life’ jokes. Well, I can sum up most of what people believe in in two words: UPS Ground If you haven’t gotten super annoyed at UPS for not having more intense tracking services, you probably aren’t like me (where you are constantly staring […]