A portable Raspbian x86 flash drive (that looks like a normal flash drive)!

Hi, everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I just got my new flash drive up and running! The really cool thing about this flash drive is that it’s used as a flash drive and also a portable hard drive with Raspbian x86 on it. I’m actually writing this in chromium in Raspbian on my Mac right now!

Here’s how I figured it out:

  1. First, I installed PIXEL for PC and Mac on a flash drive. (Make sure it’s pretty big, because you’ll have two huge partitions on it)
  2. Now, this flash drive has Raspbian x86 on it (and you can boot from it to be sure), but there isn’t any space for regular files. That’s what we’re going to solve next!
  3. Next, you’re going to need a raspberry pi (or some other linux computer). Next, go ahead and install gparted (on that linux computer). Note: You can’t start up from your flash drive and use gparted on that. Trust me. It won’t work.
  4. Once you’ve booted up your Raspberry Pi (or other Linux computer), open gparted, and pick theĀ really large partition, and choose Partition > Unmount.
  5. Now you have a bunch of access to that partition! Choose Partition > Resize/Move, and in the dialog box that appears, choose your size. I picked 10000 MB, in case you’re wondering. Click OK, and then click the green arrow in a circle (near the top of the window). Now hope for the best as your flash drive partition is shrunk!
  6. If it didn’t work, try restarting your pi. That’s what worked for me. If it did work, congrats! You’re halfway there to having the flash drive of your dreams! (Well, maybe not.)
  7. Now, choose Partition > New. The size should be set, so don’t change that. Set the filesystem to FAT32, and set the label to whatever you want (I chose the label Flashdrive, but you can change it later).
  8. Click the green arrow again, and hope for the best! If it worked, you now have an amazing flash drive!

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