A GeekTool Weather widget/geeklet. Download included!

NOTE: This is NOT for the macOS Dashboard. This is simply a small weather app that’s made in HTML.

Hello, there! Here’s an app that I made in HTML. I made it because I was looking around for GeekTool weather apps and all of them were clunky and hard to install, so I made my own! It’s just an ordinary weather app, but it’s quite cool (I think). It’s just a canvas, jQuery, and the SimpleWeatherJS library. It refreshes every minute or so.  If you have GeekTool, you can insert a ‘Web Page’ and use this as an awesome desktop widget as shown here.

Simply download the .zip file, place it in your favorite location (it really doesn’t matter much, but if you’re worried, just put it in your home folder), and open the index.html file in your browser. If you want to add it as a geeklet, drag the ‘web page’ icon onto your desktop and paste in the URL that’s in your browser. Now you have this awesome geeklet!

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