The ORIGINAL Orthodontic Horrors Photo Shoot

Hey, everyone! A couple weeks ago I had a hashtag poll! Nobody responded (except me), so I’m doing #OrthodonticHorrors. This is the ORIGINAL photo shoot! (Note: It has fake blood). Orthodontic Horrors for the win! (Or not, because they’re quite painful and annoying)

The Original Orthodontic Horrors Photo Shoot

How I built this:

Of course, this was fueled by orthodontics. I think they should be renamed to ‘Torture Devices’, but that’s just me. Anyway, our story begins with a standard, unsuspecting bathroom:

A bathroom. Nothing to see here, move along...
A normal, unsuspecting bathroom, soon to expose the horrors of orthodontics.

Step One: Lighting!

All right, so we have a standard bathroom. The first step is to add some mood lighting! If you have a fog machine, set it up here. If you have a flashlight, add it for more mood lighting.

A fog machine. This pretty much allows you to see the beams of most light sources. Very useful!
A flashlight. Add this to a fog machine and have an awesome lighting scheme!

Step two: Fake blood!

Fake blood makes everything scarier! So I followed this tutorial and whipped up a batch. This wasn’t easy– I was out of red food coloring, so I used some of this weird red paste. It took me 3 tries to get it right.

The fake blood, all scary and ready to go!

Step three: The (actual) orthodontic horrors!

Okay, so here’s where we add a bunch of the ‘orthodontic horrors’. If you have braces, you should have a lot of these lying around. I smashed some up, to add to the mood. Also, for dramatic effect, I added a few (hopefully) non-dental-related things. You might be able to spot a desoldering pump, drywall saw, or set of pliers here and there.

Here’s the finished layout:

Everything laid out. I chose some dental-related stuff (like a toothbrush) and some non-dental-related stuff (like wire strippers).

Step four: More fake blood!

Next, take a spoon and scoop up a little fake blood. You’ll need to just let it fall down the sides a little bit.

Step five: Fog machine!

Now, our fog machine has warmed up, so we’re gonna turn it on. Don’t do too much smoke, just enough to see the beams of light (from your flashlight).

Step six: It’s camera time!

Time to bring out your camera! I didn’t use my phone camera (which I used to take the tutorial photos), because I want killer resolution.

Here’s the photo:

The photo. It’s good, but not good enough! Photoshop time!

Step seven: Time for photoshop!

Select all the droplets of blood and add them onto a new layer. Now tone down the hue/saturation.

All the fake blood, on a new layer.
The Hue/Saturation settings.

I also added an ‘#OrthodonticHorrors’ hashtag in the corner, and used Liquify on a rounded rectangle behind it to add an eerie glow.

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