How I built my own tablet.

Hey, everyone– sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I just built my own tablet!

I used the Official 7″ Touchscreen ($20 cheaper on MCM than Adafruit. Talk about comparison shopping!), and an Adafruit Powerboost (An amazingly easy way to charge, power, and manage lithium- (and even non-lithium) based batteries), among other things.

Here’s the tutorial I (mostly) followed:

The only things I changed about this one was that I didn’t solder connections to the Raspberry Pi or Display Driver (so I can re-use my Pi for other cool stuff), and I used a Pi 3 instead of a Pi 2, giving it onboard Wi-Fi and bluetooth, among other things.

I 3D-printed everything except for the lid, which I cut out of cardboard because the hinged idler on my 3D printer cracked (but it’s OK because it’s well-documented and it’s a known error, so I’ll probably get around to ordering another one.)

Oh yeah, and if you want to build one, it costs around $150 in parts (but I already had the screen and Pi, so I was like ‘Hey, why not?’). The instructions are nice and detailed, and come with a lot of pictures.

See you on the flip side!


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