Thank you for your interest in my work.

Since 1998 I have been working with clients to interpret words and ideas into images. I strive to create art which has interesting concepts, characters and materials (and often a sense of humor).
I hope you enjoy what you see.


Advisor Today, Associations Now, The Boston Globe Magazine, Bloomberg Wealth Manager, Business Law Today, CIO, CIO Decisions, Computerworld, Continental Magazine, Courrier International, Currents, DMR, Glass Agency, Harvard Business Review, HOW, Johns Hopkins University, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, L.A. Times, Lehman Millet, Library Journal, Miami Herald, Meetings & Conventions, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Minnesota Monthly, Inc, Orange Coast, Johns Hopkins Arts & Sciences Magazine, More, The Nation, NFPA Journal, Newsweek (international edition), New York Times, Notre Dame, Paradigm, PC Magazine, Physician's Practice, Popular Science, The Progressive, The Rake, Readers Digest, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle University Magazine, Smart Money, Strategic Finance, Saatchi & Saatchi, ShopSmart, Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine, Student Lawyer, T&D, TIME, TIME Asia, Utne Reader, The Wall Street Journal (U.S. & Europe edition), The Washington Post, Washington Post Magazine, Washington State Magazine, (your name here)

Exhibitions & Honors

Creative Jolt, CASE Competition (Gold Award), Communication Arts Illustration Annual, Hearst Award (first Place), Print Regional Design Annual, Society for News Design (Gold Award, Award of Excellence), Society of Illustrators LA, Society of Illustrators 3D Salon

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